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How much does a home inspection cost?

You are paying for my "experience and education". I have 40+ years in the service industry with some construction background. I am nationally certified through Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector - InterNACHI® . I guarantee you will always find someone cheaper, but will they have the experience to find the unknown? Don't be fooled by the number of "tools and toys" they may carry. The client is impressed with "the show" but If they don't read the instrument correctly, they may be sending you down the wrong path. 


My cost is based on square foot of the house, age of the house and distance I have to travel. If the distance is over 30 miles there can be a trip charge added. Call or text me for a quote. Typical cost for under 1500sqft can be about $350. The price goes up the larger the home. Spend a couple $100s and save $1000s for a professional inspection.

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Can we make the seller fix everything the inspector finds?

No. This inspection report is to make you aware of the condition of the property. We cannot force the seller to fix anything.

New houses are perfect — or are they?

Do your research! The builder is out to make a living too! Hire a real estate agent even on NEW homes! They will protect you and even get you more than the builder is offering!

Are you feeling lucky?

YOU ARE LUCKY IF… the city building inspector spends 15 minutes in the house before moving on to the next one. NOTE: They have a lot on their plates each day and a lot of houses to "run through." I spend several hours on-site checking every accessible window, door, outlet, drain, fixture, faucet, switch, wall, ceiling, vent, etc. You can't do that in 15 minutes or less.

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