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Our Home Inspections

Gain insight into the current performance of your home. Our inspections include foundation evaluation and assessment of the structure and systems.

Home Inspection Reports

Buyer’s Inspections If you are buying a new or pre-owned home, a Professional Home Inspection is a must. The report will give you valuable information concerning your purchase and will assist with repair requests and negotiations. A Buyer’s Inspection more than pays for itself in negotiations and can save you thousands. 

Pre-Listing Inspections — A pre-listing inspection will provide you valuable information to get your home ready for sale. You can market your house as being pre-inspected, repair items on the inspection report to expedite the sales process. In addition, you will be prepared to negotiate repair requests. 

Re-Inspections Double check that the negotiated repairs have been completed to appropriate standards prior to closing with a cost-effective Re-Inspection report.


Most INSPECTION REPORTS emailed SAME DAY with digital photos!

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New Construction, 12th Month Builder's Warranty, Pre-Listing, or Buyer's Home Inspections

  • Covers new home 12-month builder's warranty

  • Thorough home inspection

  • Detailed report

  • Digital photos

  • Cost calculated per square foot Inspection time approximately 1 hour/1000 sq ft

What is Inspected During a Home Inspection?

  • Plumbing: interior & exterior plumbing fixtures and drains, etc.

  • Electrical: accessible switches and outlets, service panel, etc.

  • Mechanical Systems: HVAC system, water heater

  • Structural: visual assessment of foundation, ceilings, floors and doors. 

  • Garage, Roof & Attic areas

  • Windows & kitchen appliances

  • Exterior Drainage & vegetation near house

Let us help you gain peace of mind. Schedule your home inspection today. Call us at 469-810-8405.

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